Products & Solutions

Our products and solutions help brands and consumers understand each other and interact in an honest environment

Authentic consumer research. Based on what people do, not what they say they do.

Rapid consumer interaction and marketing experimentation

Route-to-market in China and smart consumer activation for brands and international retailers

Secure smart packaging and supply chain tracking


Taeltech insights and engament - a platform for consumer insights, feedback and engagement

Wabi loyalty points

Taeltech marketplace

Taeltech smart packaging - for anti-counterfeiting and supply chain tracking

Industries we work with



Cosmetics and personal care

Infant nutrition

Investment research

Consumer services

Our Partners

Largest B2B2C ecommerce platform in Japan, among the world's largest by sales
One of Asia’s largest department stores, part of Japan’s Odakyu Group conglomerate
NZ Cherry Corp
New Zealand’s largest grower and exporter of highest quality cherries

Our Story

The Taeltech moniker represents the marriage of state-of-the-art security technology and authentic consumer participation.

The story of Taeltech’s birth started nearly a decade ago, with an entrepreneurial duo who sought to protect consumers from the health risks of counterfeit consumer goods.