Userbase Lab

Many brands lack access to engaged userbase to test decisions they make: from product innovation to ads content and pricing. Some brands are new in China and don’t have any userbase to test with, others have users but experimentation lacks engagement, data depth or authenticity.

The Taeltech Userbase allows brands to run rapid experiments with Taeltech users. The insights generated are supplemented by cross-channel consumption profiles and marketplace behaviour data of users: what they actually do, not what they say they do.

The opportunities include: 

  • Surveys targeted at specific audience and based on regular users, not “professional” online panelists. 
  • A/B testing - Live testing across targeted consumer samples for constant optimisation: from pricing and discounts to messaging and product innovation.
  • Pricing analytics and new product testing: you quickly get click-through-ratios and purchase rates at test price points. This data on what users actually pay is much more reliable than asking them about the price they would pay hypothetically. All data is supplemented by consumer profiles and shopping behaviours.
  • Perception and engagement of competing brands. You don’t have to limit your experiments to only your brand. Taeltech enables you to understand where you stand vs. others.

Consumers receive Wabi loyalty points for their participation. These points are spent at Taeltech Marketplace and participating merchants generating additional cross-category behaviour data for you.


When making multi-million marketing and strategic decisions in a complex market like China, it is imperative to have access to authentic and verifiable data. Doing otherwise endangers market share and long term strategic advantage.

Many brands still make decisions based on poor insight: online research with “professional” panelists, incomplete channel specific retail measurements, fake KOL followers and  data that lacks authenticity in general.

Taeltech delivers authentic insight and engagement with consumers in China. All data is supported by tracked shopping, browsing, and product selection behaviours.

Depth and breadth of data comes from 360° consumption profiles of users within the Taeltech ecosystem, and includes:

  • Categories and SKU’s they purchase
  • Categories and SKU’s they browse
  • User level brand loyalty profile
  • SKU-level preferences
  • Disposable budget estimation
  • Price sensitivity/Individual demand elasticity
  • Sentiment analysis and decision drivers
  • Smart-tagging & predictive analytics on current and future preferences

Taeltech data is drawn from a range of sources across the consumer’s buying journey. These sources are channel agnostic, ensuring you receive data that is broadly actionable across all channels, whilst also providing insights to inform single-channel strategies.

Taeltech Databank delivers rich market insight:

  • Comprehensive consumer panel: cross-channel and cross-category
  • Consumption and market share trends analytics
  • Price and promo monitoring

Taeltech Marketplace enables 1-click access to 900m WeChat users and delivers cross-category and cross-channel insight on your users. These insights are your assets to be leveraged further through all sales and marketing channels.

Additional features include:

  • Instant targeted user communication
  • Actionable product and marketing feedback
  • Rewarding individual consumers to drive campaign success
  • Guiding consumers towards your preferred channels.

Fulfilment at Taeltech Marketplace is done across China through local warehouses as well as direct shipment from overseas.

Engagement and participation in Marketplace are supported by Wabi loyalty points system.

Smart Packaging

Combining item-level smart packaging, NFC chips and blockchain security, Taeltech delivers a market-leading anti-counterfeiting and engagement solution for the modern era. 

Taeltech smart packaging creates a secure 1:1 correspondence between physical goods and their digital representation. It is affordable enough to be used for everyday consumer goods and yet robust enough to offer banking-level anti-counterfeiting protection, whilst granting you unprecedented control over your supply chain.

In a time rife with product risks, Taeltech secures products and supply chains for complete product journey transparency. This includes:  

  • Securing products through smart packaging and anti-counterfeit technology.
  • Comprehensive supply chain transparency
  • Improved brand integrity and consumer engagement 
  • Data protection with Hyperledger blockchain technology

Integration with Marketplace and Wabi loyalty system drives levels of consumer engagement orders of magnitude higher than industry standards.