What is it based on?
KOL videos

Transcribe voice-into-text

User Comments

Collect user comments for each video and post

Fans’ profiles

Extract user profile information for KOL followers

KOL in-Depth Analysis
KOL Airtime thematic breakdown

Identify topics that occupy most of the KOL’s Airtime

Comments thematic breakdown

Know what fans of this KOL like to discuss

Audience comments topic distribution
Message penetration estimation

Assess if message gets across effectively

5 most popular videos keyword penetration rate
7% Average video penetration rate 28%
KOL Userbase Analysis
Userbase health
  • Check userbase authenticity to see beyond the number of followers
  • Discover userbase activity to see beyond the engagement numbers
Distinct User tribes
  • See other KOLs followed by same fans
  • Identify KOLs frequently followed together
  • Choose KOLs with max/ min fanbase overlap
Network topology

Get your message viral

Userbase profile
 Understand demographic and locations profile of the fanbase

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