Participation in the Taeltech ecosystem enables retailers to cater for Chinese customers by extending their reach beyond physical location of their stores, thus being able to grow sales and understand their customers better as well as accept Wabi points as means of payment.
Food & Supplements

Taeltech combines full product transparency to ensure consumer safety at all times.

Our technology gives your customers the ability to verify the authenticity of the consumable products they are buying using only their mobile phone. Our labels are a symbol that you are invested in keeping your customers safe.

From vitamins to fresh food and cold-chain goods, Taeltech delivers full supply chain transparency to both you and the customer receiving the product. You can be confident that your brand is protected in market and your customer can happily purchase and consume your products, improving brand loyalty and repeat purchasing.

Infant Nutrition

Infant nutrition is a product especially susceptible to counterfeiting. For manufacturers within this category, Taeltech can work with you to:

  • Guarantee product authenticity and security.
  • Maintain supply chain transparency to the point of consumption.
  • Improve consumer product preferences.
  • Leverage cross-category marketing and selling opportunities with other brands within the ecosystem.

Ultimately, Taeltech works with you to protect your most fragile consumers and differentiate your brand efforts.

Cosmetics & Hygiene

Gain unique behavioural insights and opportunities to attract consumers with multiple SKUs in your brand line.

  • Develop cross-category consumer profiles.
  • Deliver targeted consumer incentives.
  • Streamline cross-selling capabilities.
  • Utilise unique insights to ensure successful product launches.

Protect your consumers and differentiate your product across an expansive consumer market.

With the Taeltech Marketplace, you can:

  • Ensure complete product security through Taeltech smart packaging.
  • Maintain complete supply chain transparency through to point of consumption, including sub-distributors, retail and HORECA.
  • Improve understanding of consumer preferences, including tastes, purchase patterns and more.
  • Improvement engagement with consumers at point of purchase.

Brands we're working with:

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