Engage consumers across China to generate and test ideas
Covering >500 cities
All income label and age groups
Actual consumers, not panelist profiles
Engagement formats
A/B tests (including with ghost listing)
Community discussions
Agile approach to marketing
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No need for long approvals as cost of a mistake is low
Adjust your research with iterations don't try to make it perfect from the start
Speed for agile
First results in hours / days, not weeks
Superior targeting
Based on 360˚ purchasing behaviour

Tracked, not self reported data. From:

• Taeltech marketplace behaviours
• Product scans across all sales channels and product categories
• Demographics from authenticated ID and address

Run iterative research with specific users from earlier phases.

• Don't need to plan the whole thing in advance with complicated logic.
• Can add questions as you go
• Can ask additional questions to the same consumers
• In-depth interviews with the very same respondents

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