Scaleable surveys

Ask our userbase for opinion, preference, or belief. Your enquiry can range from a single question with an extremely targeted audience to full-blown research, targeted at the entire userbase with sophisticated logic that you can link to specific user behaviour within our ecosystem.

Data-driven experiments and A/B testing

Deploy your product or idea to the live environment to get rapid and actual (i.e. non-simulated) market response throughout the product life-cycle. Boost your decision making with our rapid market data acquisition tool and obtain measurable insights into issues ranging from something as straightforward as the colour preference to user profile variation in response to different price setting.

Consumers & focus groups

For more qualitative and in-depth feedbacks get in touch with our consumers or organise focus groups. Our online focus groups are a much better simulation of actual consumer behaviour, can be set up within days and come at a fraction of the cost when compared to the traditional approach.