Getting Data
Processing Data
Using Data
1. Taeltech FMCG Scanning Tool

Taeltech users scan packaged products' barcodes to check:

  • Potentially harmful ingredients

  • Manufacturer's credibility

  • Nutritional information and dietary recommendations
2. Surveys and Experiments

Taeltech users regularly participate in

  • Flash Surveys on Taeltech platform

  • Behavioral Experiments

  • New Product Testing
3. Taeltech Marketplace

Taeltech users redeem loyalty points on our Marketplace providing us with data on

  • Purchasing habits

  • Product and Categories browsing

  • Income level and general Demographic and Geographic details
4. Social Media and E-commerce data
We are constantly collecting and processing massive data from digital media including:
  • Video and KOL's Live-streaming transcription

  • User comments

  • Trends and User Tribes

  • Brand mentions
Getting Data
Processing Data
Using Data
1. Consumption Profiles

 Comprehensive user consumption profiles composed of

  • Purchases on the Taeltech Marketplace

  • Items purchased elsewhere and scanned with the scanning tool
2. Experimental data
User profiles are enriched with
  • Surveys and Experiments data

  • Behavioral Metadata
3. Behavioural Profile
All data threads are brought together inside our Recommendation Engine that
  • Makes predictions about particular user's preferences and interests

  • Finds specific user groups that are most likely to share certain interest or preference
Getting Data
Processing Data
Using Data
1. Generating targeting seeds

Behavioral data driven user seeds for look-a-like targeting on

  • Social media

  • E-commerce
2. Targeting for new data generating

On demand new data generation with very specific user groups e.g.

  • Surveys and Experiments with very specific user groups

  • Gauging different messaging/product presentation effects with diverse demographics

  • Ghost product  listing and live A/B testing on the Marketplace targeting specific user groups
3. Agile Marketing
Our integrated ecosystem offers full scale agile marketing support including:
  • Market Intelligence Gathering

  • Hypothesis Formulation

  • Hypothesis Validation

  • Measuring Campaign Feedback