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Ad Targeting Optimisation

Leverage our ecosystem’s user profile data and machine learning-based recommendation engine to generate precise and complete look-alike seeds for social media targeting.

We utilize online browsing and shopping profiles, offline consumption habits, experimental data-driven behavioural traits (e.g. brand loyalty, social influence, individual price sensitivity) to train our neural-net based recommendation engine to generate user seeds for look-alike marketing in social media.


Unlike common industry standards of using "best-shopper" seeds and crude demographics-based targeting, we use multifaceted data sources that allow us to build seeds with exceedingly superior performance


Our approach allows us to uncover many more hidden pockets of value that are typically obscured by subjective definitions of the "target consumer


Continuous Improvement
Continuous Improvement

Our targeting model is designed to become continually more precise. Meaning that your advertising ROI will be constantly improved upon, by reviewing and reacting to the feedback of the advertising campaign. Many of our clients leverage this feature to launch mass scale campaigns after optimal targeting precision has been reached

Platforms available:
one billion users
Douyin (TikTok)
400 million users
313 million users

10% for ad spend < 100k USD
7% for ad spend > 100k USD


The rapid route to market in China and inbound marketing tool with extensive user analytics and targetting capabilities

Hassle-free, 7-day listing without need to deposits or red-tape

No inventory risk: Handle your own stock, only fulfil the fully paid orders

Turn-key access to 1bn+ consumers in China

State of the art analytics and targeting capabilities

Designed for inbound marketing — keep in touch and keep selling to your Chinese consumer when they return home


1% sales comission
30 USD / SKU monthly fees

Insights, Experiments, and Hypothesis Testing

Test your ideas and get real market feedback within days not months, with actual consumers, rather than paid online panellists.
Scaleable surveys

Ask our user-base for opinions, preferences, or beliefs. Your enquiries can range from a single question with an extremely targeted audience to full-blown research, targeted at the entire user-base with sophisticated logic that you can link to specific user behaviour within our ecosystem.

Data-driven experiments and A/B testing

Deploy your product or idea to a live environment to get rapid and actual (i.e. non-simulated) market responses throughout the product life-cycle. Boost your decision making with our rapid market data acquisition tool and obtain measurable insights into issues ranging from something as straightforward as the colour preference to user profile variation in response to different price settings.

Consumers & focus groups

For more qualitative and in-depth feedback, get in touch with our consumers or organise focus groups. Our online focus groups are a much better simulation of actual consumer behaviour, can be set up within days and come at a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional approaches.

Data Enrichment

Extract significantly more value from your userbase by plugging into our ecosystem

Understand your users' income level groups to better adjust your communication

Learn their product and category interests to generate ideas for marketing and product development

Enhance your look-alike targetting capability by obtaining more data sources for the seed candidates

Brand Protection and Cross Channel Consumer Engagement

Distribution Control

Leverage our userbase to obtain data and control where and at what price your products are being sold.

Quality Control

Never let expired products end up in consumers' hands. Control your product batches and instantly send notifications to consumers throughout the ecosystem.

Physical Protection

Physically protect your products with our NFC- based anti-counterfeiting and anti-tampering solution with banking-level security designed specifically for FMCG products.

Our Brands

Taeltech Partners

Rakuten is a Taeltech partner
Rakuten is the largest e-commerce and digital services platform in Japan.
Odakyu is a Taeltech partner
Odakyu Department Store Company Limited, one of the largest department stores in Japan.
New Zealand Cherry Corp is a Taeltech partner
New Zealand Cherry Corp is New Zealand’s largest grower and exporter of fresh cherries.